Custom Built Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks and Systems

In recent years the use of ultrasonics and integrated ultrasonic cleaning systems has experienced tremendous growth.  As labour becomes more expensive, as time becomes more valuable and as environmental issues need to be addressed, faster and more efficient cleaning methods are continuously being explored, and as a result, ultrasonic cleaning has become an industry standard in many areas.

Ultrasonic cleaning is faster, more efficient and more economical than any other conventional cleaning methods in the removal of oil, grease, carbon, buffing compounds, rust, scale, swarf and other contamination from a wide range of parts.  Unlike manual cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning offers unmatched cleaning consistency.

AusSonics has extensive experience in many industrial applications and is able to offer its clients custom designed equipment for their specific requirements.  We elicit as much input from our clients as we can in the development of their ultrasonic cleaners in order to determine best procedure and cleaning chemistries.  In many instances applications have already been extensively researched, and as a result, have Established Industry Procedures (EIP).

AusSonics is a leader in the development, design and production of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and peripherals.  AusSonics’ designs offer optimum cleaning efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Some of the industries which are using our Australian designed and built ultrasonic cleaning systems –

  • Abattoirs
  • Aeronautical and Aerospace
  • Automotive Servicing and Reconditioning
  • Blind Cleaning
  • Diesel Industry – Injector and Fuel Pump Cleaning
  • Electricity Authorities
  • Electroplating Plants
  • General Engineering
  • Government Railways
  • Marine Industry – Heat Exchanger, Cooler, Filter Cleaning
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Production and Maintenance
  • Mining Sites
  • Power Stations and Power Generating Plants
  • Printing Industry – Anilox Roll Cleaning
  • Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing
  • Surgical and Prosthetic Manufacturing
Let us show you how to improve your parts cleaning application by using ultrasonics – speed up the process, get cleaner results and free up labour.  Save time, money and the environment