Ultrasonic Cleaners

AusSonics has only one standard range of ultrasonic cleaners – the BM Series – solidly built, good all round, general purpose ultrasonic cleaners. However, every cleaning application is different; different contaminants, different levels of contamination, different substrates, and probably most important of all, the requirements of different levels of cleanliness.
Hence the need for a diversity in designs. Ultrasonic tanks are tailored to suit product size and throughput rates. The type and level of contamination will determine the cleaning chemistry to be used (see Cleaning Chemistries); the degree of process liquid filtration; the size of overflow reservoirs; the need for spargers, either top or bottom; oil skimming; and so on. Certain ultrasonic design criteria, such as ensuring that the optimum ratio of product to tank volume is not exceeded,also have to be met.
Apart from the bench top units, we would categorise our other designs as follows:
  • Mobile Consoles
  • Workstations
  • Multi-Tank Units
  • Anilox Roll Cleaners
  • Large Capacity Process Tanks
  • Immersible Transducer Packs 

BM Series Ultrasonic Bench Top Cleaners


The BM Series of ultrasonic bench top cleaning units are high performance, multi-purpose cleaners designed for manufacturers and service providers in many different industrial applications. These units are robustly built to withstand the rigours of the most demanding environments.The AB Series of ultrasonic cleaning equipment are all fitted with base mounted immersible transducer packs. The benefits of using immersible transducer packs are two-fold. Firstly, immersible transducer packs provide the ability to quickly exchange the ultrasonic source for maintenance or in case of breakdown. This is a distinct advantage over traditional bench top design where the transducers are mounted directly to the underside of the floor (or side wall as the case may be). Secondly it allows for a change of ultrasonic frequency using the same tank. It is simply a matter of swapping the immersible transducer pack (and generator, of course), a task that should only take about 30 minutes at the most.

The AB Series of ultrasonic cleaners is built with a wide flanged top for ease of handling and so that they can easily be slipped into an existing or custom built bench.

BM-4831 BM-6331 BM-6345
External Dimensions (mm) 470 x 450 x 570 620 x 450 x 570 775 x 450x 570 780 x 600 x 570
Internal Dimensions (mm) 330 x 310 x 310 480 x 310 x 310 630 x 310 x 310 630 x 450 x 310
Working volume (litres) 37 54 70 100
Ultrasonic Power (Watts) 600 900 1200 1500
Frequency (kHz) 38 38 38 38
Heating (Watts) 1400 1750 2000 3000
Standard Accessories:
Removable SS lid; Parts basket
Standard Features:
Tank Materials: BM-3331 & BM-4831 – 1.5mm 316 grade SS; BM-6631 & BM-6345 – 2mm 316 gade SS
Outer Case: 1.2mm 304 grade SS; standard #4 finish
Support Grille: All tanks have a SS parts/basket support grille over the base mounted transducer packs
Heating: Heaters are thermostatically controlled screw in cartridge heaters.
Power requirements for BM-3331, BM-4831 & BM-6331 are 10 Amps & BM-6345 is 15 A
Other available frequencies – 28 kHz, 68kHz, 110 kHz, 170 kHz & dual frequency 35/72 kHz

Mobile Consoles


If there is a need for portability of the ultrasonic cleaner, either to move it around the workplace or to take it from site to site, then a mobile console should be considered.
Generally speaking, the console comprises the ultrasonic tank, on-board generator, possibly a filtration system and possibly a rinse tank.
Typical applications for mobile consoles would be in the automotive servicing, engine rebuilding industries, blind cleaning, janitorial and similar services.
Janitorial Application


Our Ultrasonic Workstation concept has gained a considerable degree of acceptance since it was introduced a few years ago. There had to be a better way to accommodate a bench top cleaner than to cut holes into customers’ benches, so it was decided to make the ultrasonic tank an integral part of the work bench to begin with. And while we were at it – why not incorporate a sink as well? The concept grew from there. We have subsequently designed and manufactured numerous variations of this format. Workstations can have any number, size or configuration of ultrasonic and rinse tanks to suit the need at hand.
Small work surface, sonic tank & sink
Corner workstation – long & narrow ultrasonic tank on one side; same dimension aerated rinse tank on the other side. Both tanks have hot & cold water plumbed in.

Multi Tank Units

An example of a multi-stage system comprising of four separate heated tanks – ultasonic clean, acid etch, rinse and dry. The optional overhead management system allows the operator to pick up the parts basket and lower or retrieve it from each tank. The system was programmed to stop centrally above each tank allowing for trouble free drop off and retrieval of parts baskets.

Anilox Roll Cleaners

Most printing companies will have more than one brand of printers, e.g. Cerutti, Schiavi, Arsom, etc. In the past we have designed ultrasonic cleaners to be flexible enough to be able to cater for a number of different brands and sizes. This generally means that each roller brand will require its own set of drive tooling.
The type of printing the company does will determine the ultrasonic frequency required to clean the rolls – the higher the l.p.i. (lines per inch) the higher the frequency needed.

Large Capacity Process Tanks

Big things need to be cleaned in big tanks. Ship building & maintenance, mining and the heavy vehicle industries need to be able to clean large engine components –some chose to do this using ultrasonic technology. This particular example is the 5th 2,000litre tank purchased by this customer for their Australian and offshore operations.

Immersible Transducer Packs

AusSonics uses immersible transducer packs in all of its ultrasonic cleaning tanks. We can supply any size of transducer pack (within normal design criteria) or array of packs, either for replacement of failed units, or for retro-fitting to existing vessels.

Transducer packs and ultrasonic generators are available in the following frequencies – 28 & 40 kHz to a maximum of 1,500W, 68, 110 &170 kHz to a maximum of 1,200W. Multi-frequency units are available in 500W & 1,000W.

Transducer packs are fabricated from 2mm 316 grade stainless steel and the radiating diaphragms are hard chrome plated to 20µ.


Blind Cleaners

AusSonics has been building and supplying ultrasonic blind cleaners to franchises and independent operators throughout the South East Asian region for more than thirteen years.
The blind cleaners are fully fabricated from stainless steel and measure 2640mm x 555mm x 970mm high overall. The unit has two separate tanks – an ultrasonic tank with 2,400 Watts (RMS) of ultrasonic power and an adjacent rinse tank. Plumbing and electricals are neatly tucked away at opposite ends of the unit behind doors and the ultrasonic generators are also housed within the unit, well protected from any accidental water spillages.
Cleaning times are easily set on the analogue timer and the cycles are initiated (and stopped if necessary) with the foot pedal control.
Heating elements can be fitted as an option. Alternatively over-the-side pale heaters can be utilised.